Andy and Nicola grew and developed Yoomee to be a multi-disciplinary team of 20 full-time digital experts, including service designers, software developers, testers and researchers.

Andy Mayer

Andy Mayer

Strategy Director & co-founder


A business and technology leader, innovator and strategist with a 25 year track record of taking digital ideas from concept to reality.

Nicola Mayer

Nicola Mayer

Research Director & co-founder


A seasoned communications strategist and practitioner with 20 years’ plus experience, majoring on content creation, user research, support and training.

Rich Wells

Creative Director (9.4 years)

Si Wilkins

Ruby on Rails Developer (6.8 years)

Matt Atkins

Ruby on Rails Developer (5,2 years)

Ian Mooney

Ruby on Rails Developer (4.5 years)

Tim Brazier

Senior Digital Producer (3.6 years)

Jon Kyte

UX designer (3.5 years)

Greg Woodcock

Ruby on Rails Developer (3.1 years)

Iain Adams

Ruby on Rails Developer (3 years)

Edward Andrews-Hodgson

Ruby on Rails Developer (3 yrs)

Mark Musgrave

Producer (2.8 years)

Carrie Morris

Digital designer (2.8 years)

Rob Parvin

Ruby on Rails Developer (2.1 years)

Nikki Stearman

Senior digital producer (2.1 years)

Ant Barmes

Ruby on Rails Developer (2.1 years)

Chad Gowler

Web Developer (1.8 yrs)

Amy Benson

Front-end Developer (2 years)

Nick Bolt

Rails Developer (1.7 years)

David Thompson

Senior Developer (1.2 years)

Chrystal Griffiths

Student placement (1 years)

Dan King

Ruby on Rails Developer (1 year)

Ian Broome

Senior digital producer (1 year)