Agile and UX beginners reading list

by Andy Mayer
Posted on 10 May 2013
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When we're starting a project with a new client they're often keen to find out more about our Agile and UX processes, and ask which books would provide useful insights into the way we work. Having been asked again I was prompted to think about sharing a recommended reading list of books that we share with all new starters at Yoomee:

1. Getting Real by 37signals

This is a great introduction to all the best practices of UX design, testing and Agile development. It covers so many topics and makes for a very easy read. At times it might be a bit basic for those who've been around for a while. But if you're new to this stuff, then it's a great introduction and serves as a good executive summary.

2. Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug

This is another really easy-to-read book and my all-time favourite. It takes a no-nonsense approach to web usability by focussing on the questions users ask all the time. It's a must read for anyone involved in web projects. If you only read one book, then make sure it's this one!

3. Rocket Surgery Made Easy by Steve Krug

Another classic by Mr Krugg. This book is all about demystifying user testing. It's totally informed the way we do user testing at Yoomee and has transformed many client projects as a result. I'm loathed to share this book as it gives away many of our testing secrets! ;-).

4. Designing for the Social Web by Joshua Porter

We love this book because of the way it explains the usage lifecyle and the thinking behind encouraging users to become progressively more engaged with your website. The lifecycle starts with an 'unaware' user, moving them on to 'interested', 'first timer', 'regular' and ultimately 'passionate'. Some of the examples are rather dated, but the underlying principles remain relevant nonetheless.

5. Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck

Scrum is a great introduction to Agile project management but Extreme Programming (XP) goes a lot further in applying Agile to the nitty-gritty of software development. The focus of this book is on the values and concepts behind XP. It's a very detailed book, but not technical, so anyone who wants to become an expert in Agile software development will enjoy it. This is another book that's really transformed the way we work and hence is a must read for anyone who's serious about Agile software development.

These books are just a small sample of our bookshelves, recommended as a starting point. There are so many great books I'd love to share on subsequent blog posts. Just let me know which areas you'd like me to cover, and I'll try to oblige.

Posted on 10 May 2013 - By Andy Mayer
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