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Participatory Design Workshop

Thoughts on participatory design

Last week I was asked to share my thoughts on co-designing services with users, in particular vulnerable communities.

Elefriends: Mind’s online peer support community where you can be ...

Elefriends: Mind’s online peer support community

How we helped Elefriends grow to 50,000 members and more over 600,000 monthly interactions.

Why Ask About Gender

Why ask about gender

A follow up to How to ask about gender; why you may want to ask about gender and when is it appropriate?

Techfuges in London

Techfugees in London

Last week Andy headed for London to join 300 techies who'd gathered to discuss what can be done to help the refugee crisis.

Festival of Code 2015

Festival of Code 2015

In the first week of August Yoomee was a centre for Young Rewired State's Festival of Code. This is a look at our teams and how we got on.

 How to ask about gender

How to ask about gender

As web developers, we collect a lot of information about users and it's important that we do this in an inclusive and sensitive manner.