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by Andy Mayer
Posted on 17 September 2011
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Over the last few months we've been busy working on something a bit different for Yoomee – a platform which exposes young photographers to a new audience. 'Unseen' allows anyone to discover, share and collect photography from young artists.

Unseen is an effort to give young photogaphers a platform to be discovered. It connects the 'new' with the 'established', serving as a springboard for talented photographers who are looking for a larger audience. And it's these social aims that motivated us to work on the project, hoping young photographers' lives would be significantly impacted as a result.

We developed the community website and mobile app needed to make last week's photo exhibition in Amsterdam a success – and with over 22,000 visitors to the fair in just four days, I think we're safe to call it that!

The website is absolutely beautiful – showcasing photographers' work and galleries. It's basically an online version of the fair, allowing you to collect artwork on your personal profile page and share and connect with others in the online community.

So far over 5,000 items have been shared within the community and over 1,000 profiles created. The app was only launched two weeks ago and already has been downloaded in excess of 2,000 times.

The project was a collaboration with Franklin De Bekker at the Dutch branding agency Vandejong who said:

"The website now contains 110 blog posts including stories, interviews and videos. Also, the site provides a list of the top 50 international galleries, which all have their own profile page with a showcase of information and work. In addition, each photographer has their own profile page with a portfolio; currently there are a total of 160. Since launch the website has had 50,000 unique visitors and currently has more than 9,000 unique visitors per day. There are more than 1,100 profiles created in our own Unseen community by people who collect pictures and their program together."

Above: the iPhone App downloaded by over 2,000 people so far

Above: over 5,000 items so far have been shared in the community

Above: Over 1,100 profiles have been created in the first few weeks.

Check out the website for yourself at and download the Unseen app from the Apple App Store

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Posted on 17 September 2011 - By Andy Mayer
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