by Edward Andrews-Hodgson
Posted on 23 March 2015
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Are you interested in learning to code, or improving your coding skills? If so, hyperlocal is for you.

Hyperlocal is a new monthly evening where young people can learn to code, with help and mentoring from Yoomee staff.

It brings together lots of different people with various knowledge and skill sets. This is your chance to improve your digital skills and discover new ones by getting tips and advice from friends and mentors. You might have a cool project you're already working on, an idea you want to explore or a piece of hardware you want to play around with. Hyperlocal provides you with a place to work on what you want.

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Team Paranoia

Everyone is super friendly, and shared interests guarantee that there's always something to talk about. You end up learning so much from the people around you, both participants and staff. It's a really gratifying experience that I would recommend to anyone, whatever level of coding.

- Emma (a previous participant)

We think hyperlocal is a great chance for us at Yoomee to share our enthusiasm about the industry we work in. We all enjoy learning new things, and often the best way to learn is to try and explain something to someone else! So we're expecting to be stretched and to get pushed into looking at areas we otherwise wouldn't encounter.

Posted on 23 March 2015 - By Edward Andrews-Hodgson
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