MindWell wins patient engagement award

by Andy Mayer
Posted on 06 March 2017
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We're delighted one of our client projects, MindWell, last week won the Medilink Yorkshire & Humber Healthcare Business Award 2017 for patient engagement.

MindWell was conceived as the single 'go to' place for online information about mental health in Leeds. For the past year Yoomee has worked in close partnership with mHabitat and a host of Leeds-based agencies and individuals to bring this vision to life. MindWell helps anyone living or working in Leeds, including GPs and other professionals, to get quick, easy and direct access to up-to-date mental health information.

Patient engagement

One of the key reasons Yoomee was chosen as the digital partner on the project was down to our track record of involving service users in developing new digital services for vulnerable communities. The project combined resources, materials and knowledge from across city: the NHS, Leeds City Council and the third sector. The award recognises that involving patients at every step of the way was a crucial factor in developing a digital service which enhances wider patient care.

Co-creation workshops by Yoomee

To ensure the needs of those with a range of mental health conditions were fully understood, Yoomee ran nine co-creation workshops with service users and mental health professionals across Leeds. In doing so we interacted with over 100 people. These sessions covered kick off, ideation, personas, tone of voice and branding.

We also undertook six usability testing days observing real users performing specific tasks on the website – making improvements where the site didn't make the mark in testing. Yoomee also originated a number of online surveys so remote usability testing could engage a further 40 people who couldn't be involved face-to-face.

Developing personas

Our research methodology involved developing 10 user personas to ensure everyone involved in the MindWell project shared a common understanding of the different and diverse types of people using the new website. Below is an example of one of the personas we developed called "Tom". He represents the needs of someone looking for help and was developed, along with the other personas, through hands-on workshops with service users and practitioners. We also referenced a number of pieces of research commissioned by a range of agencies in Leeds to ensure the accuracy of the personas.

Agile software development

Also, as experts in Agile methodologies we developed the website's content management system (CMS) in five two-week sprints – each one improving on the previous iteration, thanks to ongoing feedback and consultation with patients.

Guided search

Based on user testing and research we found that locating the relevant information was a big problem for most users – and so we developed a self-help facility that guides potentially confused users through a serious of questions to help them in finding the most relevant information from the hundreds of resources available in the CMS. The search also signposts to over 100 local services.

Animated resources

As well as co-creating with patients, website design and technical build, Yoomee was also responsible for developing the new brand and a number of animated resources, such as how to use diaphragmatic breathing to combat stress.


Since the website was launched on 10 October 2016 9,221 people have visited the site 14,462 times. Four thousand of these visits were in the first three weeks. Over a third were people coming back to the site.

"I think the pages that are completed are excellent, so much more so than any other information hub I've come across. Overall, I think it has excellent presentation, is very easy to navigate, clear and concise videos, the tools within pages are very helpful and it's a great method for showing opening times." Mental Health Commissioner

If you'd like to talk about an online mental health resource for your city or area, please do contact me or call me direct on 07976 717210.

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Posted on 06 March 2017 - By Andy Mayer
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