Neighbours Can Help

by Andy Mayer
Posted on 19 February 2013
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It used to be a given that we were on first name terms with our neighbours and helped each other out, if we saw a need. Sadly, this isn’t always the case in today’s society. Neighbours Can Help was conceived to buck this trend.

Our collaboration with the Neighbours Can Help team started out with us scoping the project together. We were subsequently involved with a successful application to the Nominet Trust to turn their crystallising ideas into reality, and are now starting to build the platform for real using Lean methodology.

You find us at MVP (minimum viable product) stage. But what exactly does that mean? In practice, it means building a lightweight website with which to test the assumptions, which until now have simply been ideas swilling around in the teams' heads. Do people want to get to connect with their neighbours? Will they use the power of the internet to overcome their reserve, allowing barriers to be broken down so altruism can flourish once again?

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Posted on 19 February 2013 - By Andy Mayer
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