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by Andy Mayer
Posted on 07 May 2013
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Last week the shortlist for Nominet’s Internet Awards 2013 was announced, and we were both surprised and delighted to see Igniter, vInspired's platform for young people to crowdfund their own projects for social good had made the last six in the ‘doing good online’ category.

This is great news for vInspired, a charity which since its inception 7 years ago has sought to push the boundaries of technology to reach more and more young people across the country with the life-changing message of volunteering.

It’s great news for Yoomee too, having been commissioned by vInspired to design and develop the Igniter platform using the Lean Startup approach. What you see with the current site is a minimum viable product (MVP) – run as an experiment to test if people like the idea of a crowd-funding platform to enable young people to do good.

By keeping the budget tightly focussed on the core concept, we were able to help vInspired understand the requirements of young people wanting to fundraise for their projects, and those of their friends, family and peers wanting to support them financially.

We've been able to monitor the first round of projects, watch them make and exceed their fundraising targets, see what works and doesn’t, and after six months we're now ready for the next round of development based on feedback from the young people who've been using the platform to make their projects happen. This will see Igniter expanded as a community platform for young people looking not only for financial support, but ideas, networking and resources too.

In the meantime, there’s 57 days to go until the Awards, so why not take a look at the impressive range of projects which have made it thus far, and cast your vote for the ones you’d like to win.

OK, so we’re just a tiny bit biased, and know which one will win our vote ;-).

Below: A selection of screenshots from

Below: Badges are awarded for various achievements

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Posted on 07 May 2013 - By Andy Mayer
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