Spots of Time

by Andy Mayer
Posted on 20 April 2011
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As the saying goes ‘out of sight is out of mind’. Horrifyingly, 100,000 older people die in care homes each year, many of them simply forgotten by society. Spots of Time's digital platform helps to address this, and a growing number of other social issues, by encouraging people of all ages to get involved in fun, bite-sized activities.

Spots of Time connects creatives with organisations needing support and is currently being piloted with My Home Life, a project which works to promote quality of life in care homes across the UK. Catch22's National Citizen Service Programme are also working with Spots of Time to devise how they can use the platform for their alumni.

In line with the premise on which Spots of Time is based – make a big impact on someone’s life with just a small amount of time – Anna Pearson, founder of Spots of Time, had a big vision for what her limited grant could achieve.

In response, we've worked iteratively. This meant building functionality in small chunks, putting it out there to be tested by real users, and then taking their feedback and making changes to the site. Using this rapid prototyping approach, we’ve achieved remarkable things together.

Anna has been amazed at how quickly we’ve managed to turn work round: “Each time we pick up the project to refine or develop the functionality further I’m incredulous at what Yoomee achieves in such a short space of time. Rapid prototyping rocks!”.

Anna's clear vision and her ability to articulate it have undoubtedly helped in the process. We're excited to see where Spots of Time heads next.

Posted on 20 April 2011 - By Andy Mayer
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