Themes for PICNIC 2012

by Andy Mayer
Posted on 20 August 2012
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We live in a wonderful time where new connected technology is empowering people all over the world to drive change on a local and global level. People are taking matters into their own hands. This shift is changing everything, from industries like banking and insurance through education and politics.

The challenges of this 'new ownership' trend for business, society and individuals is the theme of this year's PICNIC Festival on 17 and 18 September in Amsterdam. A leading European platform for innovation and creativity, PICNIC functions as an incubator and accelerator for game changing ideas, concepts, products and services. PICNIC also benefits from a growing network of 3,500 professionals passionate about creating solutions to some of the world’s big challenges.

Under the theme “New Ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up”, the Festival’s programme will explore how connected technology is empowering people, businesses and organisations to increasingly take matters back into their own hands and do things for themselves on an even greater scale.

As the Festival's web partner, Yoomee is partnering with PICNIC to offer a substantial 30% discount on the regular rate of 575 Euro. Just register here and insert the Yoomee promotion code PIC30Y0m33L in the appropriate field.

Looking forward to seeing you all at PICNIC Festival 2012 this year!

Posted on 20 August 2012 - By Andy Mayer
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