vInspired Live: the power of positive thinking

by Andy Mayer
Posted on 09 July 2013
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You may think that all eyes were fixed on centre court at Wimbledon over the weekend; but not true for many young people. Their gaze was firmly on something else round, in this case the Roundhouse, Camden which hosted the very first vInspired Live event.

Organised by our friends at vInspired, the event was all about engaging young people with a potent mix of music, inspirational speakers and a great campaign to change the way young people think about themselves.

The campaign in question is called ‘#MyPowerIs’ and headlined vInspired Live after a winning a vote amongst vInspired’s volunteers. Emma Norris, the young woman who hatched the idea is passionate about building young people’s self-esteem.

Her premise is simple – take a break and think about something you’re good at or like about yourself, write it on your hand, take a quick pic and then share it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #MyPowerIs.

And what a revelation it was to see what young people had to say about themselves. You can see a live feed on the campaign site Yoomee built to help put the event in the spotlight.

As well as the 1,500 lucky people who managed to secure tickets for the event, the live social media stream meant that thousands of people across the country got a piece of the action too. They all got to see Gemma Cairney and Rick Edwards introducing the likes of Professor Green, Spekta and A*M*E*, Olympians Zoe Smith and Kristian Thomas, Levi Roots and Brooke Kinsella. No wonder the campaign trended twice on Twitter and reached an amazing 25 million people via social media!

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Posted on 09 July 2013 - By Andy Mayer
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