What it takes to launch a sharing economy

by Tim Brazier
Posted on 12 December 2016
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Since June 2016, we've been working with the visionary team at Kirklees Council to develop a new sharing economy platform called Comoodle. The first public beta version of Comoodle just went live.

Here are the ingredients that got us to this initial launch:

  • A vision that has the potential for real social impact
  • A client team that really believe in that vision
  • 35 potential users willing to be interviewed
  • A researcher with an amazing eye for detail to create 10 personas
  • 3 ideation workshops with members of the public
  • 3 (and a half) design sprints
  • 3 prototypes
  • 1 open-source strategy
  • A strategic measurement plan
  • 8 Agile development sprints
  • 5 rounds of user testing
  • 80 willing user testers
  • Lots (seriously, lots) of Post it notes

Comoodle is an online space where people can improve their community by giving others access to their 'stuff, space and skills'. Funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, it's a great example of a sharing economy in action.

The Comoodle homepage concisely explains the concept

What Yoomee has done so far

The sharing economy concept is not new, but how we apply it to a digital world demands some serious thinking. As with all projects at Yoomee, developing Comoodle has involved an approach that puts the users first. We've used our Agile approach and worked closely with the Comoodle team to run workshops, build prototypes and test our work with Kirklees residents.

Ideation workshop with community group leaders in Dewsbury

Ideation workshop with local community members at the Methodist Mission in Huddersfield

A competitor analysis during the design sprints

The key goals of Comoodle identified during the first design sprint

The needs and concerns of an unaware userTone of voice workshop with the Comoodle team

What next?

We have a product roadmap for 2017 that includes building additional features into the Comoodle platform. We'll go through another 'build, test, learn' cycle throughout the year to refine and optimise key functionality once it is out in the wild and being used every day. That means engaging with and listening to the people of Kirklees to learn about their experience using Comoodle.

Get your own sharing economy

Many organisations are looking to build online platforms that allow people and communities to share what they know or own. We've learnt a lot developing Comoodle and Yoomee is in a great position to help.

If you'd like to know more about how you can use technology to create a sharing economy, please get in touch and we'd be happy to chat.

Posted on 12 December 2016 - By Tim Brazier
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